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There are many types and structures of carton printing machines

Update:26 Jan 2019

There are many types and structures of carton printing […]

There are many types and structures of carton printing machines. There are gravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines and flat printing machines suitable for pre-printed carton paper, as well as multi-function models for finishing glazing, hot stamping and silk screen printing. There is a structure of web paper, there are also models of flat paper; more suitable for direct printing of corrugated board, the equipment can also complete the flexographic printing machine for slotting, chamfering, slitting and indentation.

The pre-printing equipment of the carton refers to printing the graphic on the box in the corresponding position of the paper before printing on the paper (such as kraft paper or white cardboard) and corrugated cardboard, and then printing The finished facial tissue is affixed with corrugated cardboard, and then die-cut and indented by a die-cutting machine to form a finished carton. These machines are characterized by high printing productivity and high printing accuracy, and are suitable for high-grade color corrugated boxes for printing beverages, beer, electronic equipment and other food packaging.

The semi-finished products printed by the pre-printing equipment of the web structure can be directly affixed into corrugated cardboard on the tile line. Due to the certain heating and forming time during the production, the strength of the corrugated box can be improved by using such equipment. The flexographic printing machine suitable for corrugated board printing is printed on the surface layer of the corrugated cardboard. The quality of the printed ink is obviously inferior to the printing quality of the pre-printing equipment, especially not suitable for printing. Fine dot color products, therefore, this type of machine is generally only suitable for medium and low grade carton products with relatively thick printed layouts.

Basic principles for purchasing carton presses

The choice of carton printing machine should be based on economic, technical and applicable principles, in order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. The so-called economy means that equipment investment is small, equipment utilization space is large, machines use fewer operators, and production costs are lower, which is the basis for improving economic efficiency. From the technical point of view, products with relatively fixed product layout, large printing quantity, large printing area and thicker ink layer should be printed by gravure printing machine, which is beneficial to improve the printing quality and production efficiency of facial tissue.