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The main factors affecting the normal operation of the printing machine

Update:12 Oct 2018

The main factors affecting the normal operation of the […]

The main factors affecting the normal operation of the printing machine are high temperature, high humidity, dust, electromagnetic interference and so on.

Excessive temperatures accelerate the aging of electrical components and shorten the life of electrical components. The auxiliary equipment of the printing machine, such as the alcohol cabinet, the central air supply cabinet, the infrared drying cabinet, etc., box printing machine are all large heat sources, which will make the temperature of the electrical system too high. Therefore, it is necessary to install an exhaust air dissipating device for these devices to maintain a suitable temperature in the printing workshop (22 to 28 ° C).

When the humidity is too high, it is easy to form condensation on some electrical components once the temperature changes, which is mixed with dust, which may cause short circuit or open circuit of the electrical components and damage the electrical components. Excessive humidity can also easily rust individual parts, resulting in functional failure. The relative humidity of the printing workshop should be kept at 50% to 70%. Printing companies in the South should pay special attention to this.

Due to the reason of the paper falling off the powder and using the dusting, the printing workshop often has more dust, which may easily lead to poor contact of the electrical components, resulting in failure or damage of the electrical components. It is very important to install the cleaning device and clean the dust in time to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system. It is worth noting that the dust cleaning of the electrical system must be carried out after the power supply is cut off.

The printing machine should be away from strong electromagnetic radiation equipment such as high voltage transformers. Because strong electromagnetic fields can interfere with the electronic control system, especially the computer, the main motor drive board, etc., easily affect its normal operation. The power supply of Heidelberg printing press requires three-phase four-wire, 380V AC, and the fourth line is the grounding wire (not the neutral and ground wire can be combined). This line requires strict reference to the "Electrical Standard" to make the grounding cable.