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The hot melt glue machine sealing machine can realize the metho

Update:02 Nov 2018

The hot melt glue machine sealing machine can realize t […]

The hot melt glue machine sealing machine can realize the method of manually placing the envelope, and is a special hot melt glue machine for applying glue on book covers, brochures, books and medical examination sheets. The envelope is placed in a fixed position, and the envelope is manually driven forward, and the belt is moved by both ends to the electric eye detection point, and the guiding devices on both sides of the belt are fixed and fixed.

Main characteristics of the equipment: This equipment consists of two main parts: a hot melt adhesive applicator and a feeding and conveying production line. The gluing operation can realize point, line, strip and atomization sizing operations according to box gluing machine user requirements. The device is realized by programmable control: the length of the glue is applied, the size and the speed are adjustable. It replaces the traditional manual manual cutting and bonding operation to realize mechanized coating production and greatly improve production efficiency. The design of the machine is more rational, so as to achieve the stability of the glue and the effective control of the amount of glue applied. Make the product more uniform and beautiful. Due to the use of the hot melt glue machine, the cost of the hot melt adhesive is effectively reduced. Make the choice of glue wider.

In the operation of hot melt adhesive laminating machine, cloth dust, paper dust or carbides and other debris are often thrown into the plastic storage tank, which is driven by the continuous running of the rubberizing wheel, causing the card to be stuck between the roller and the scraper, affecting the gluing. Evenly, it must be cleared at this time;

First of all, the hot melt adhesive glue machine silicone wheel should be adjusted to prevent the glue from rotating, and then the roller should be run at a slow speed to finely adjust the amount of glue on the work, that is, turn clockwise, so that the amount of glue becomes very large, and the roller is increased. The distance between the wheel and the scraper, so that the cloth scraps naturally pass through the gap, and the surface of the roller wheel slowly brings out the cloth waste. Immediately after the take-out, stop the roller running, and then remove the cloth dust or debris with a tool, so that the action can be repeated. Quickly remove any debris or debris between the scraper rollers;