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The current situation and development trend of paper packaging manufacturing equipment

Update:24 May 2018

The current situation and development trend of paper pa […]

The current situation and development trend of paper packaging manufacturing equipment

Pollution-free, pollution-free "green packaging" has attracted worldwide attention. The paper packaging containers that can satisfy various requirements such as breathability, moisture resistance, earthquake resistance, pressure resistance, etc., and are easy to recycle and do not cause environmental Carton printing machine pollution undoubtedly have broad development prospects. The development of paper packaging containers depends on the development of the national economy and the progress of science and technology. In a sense, it is reflected in the level of its technical equipment.

1. Corrugated carton manufacturing equipment

Corrugated board production originated in the United States. In the 1940s, automatic production lines for corrugated board began to appear. In 1968, Langston introduced a modern carton production line with a width of 2.2m and a speed of 212m/min. At the same time, it also introduced various types of equipment for molding, die-cutting, folding, and gluing, thus starting a new field of carton machinery. A big leap in technology. After entering the 1990s, the carton (box) industry entered a stage where computers and high-tech technologies became more widely used. Microprocessors and microelectronics digital technologies were used not only in the electrical control devices and mechanisms of carton (box) machines. It is also widely used in the control and regulation of the entire production process. At present, the width of foreign corrugated cardboard production lines has reached 3.3m, and the vehicle speed is developing to a level of 300-350m/min. In 1994, the Netherlands began to manufacture more difficult equipment, requiring higher corrugated base paper weights of only 90 g/m2 in lightweight corrugated boxes.

2. cartons manufacturing equipment overview

Cardboard cartons are a wide variety of widely used sales packaging containers. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, and it needs to go through the process steps of fixed-width paper cutting, decorating printing, coating and varnishing, die-cutting and indentation, and folding and gluing machine In the past, each process was mainly based on single-function single-function production, and some were supplemented by manual operations. The production efficiency was low, the labor intensity was high, and the quality of the paper box was not high.

With the application of CAD/CAM, CNC, laser and other high-tech technologies in the carton industry, the mechanization and automation of the carton have been greatly improved. For example, the emergence of high-speed automatic flat die-cutting presses is nearly 10 times more efficient than the manual work of the past. The development of fully-automated folding folder-gluers has ended the history of commonly-used carton manual pasting boxes. The use of CAM equipment such as automatic cutting machines, automatic machete machines, carton proofers, and CNC laser pattern cutting machines can be said to be a technical revolution in the production of box dieboards.