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The compressive strength of corrugated boxes

Update:23 Jun 2018

The compressive strength of corrugated boxes is one of […]

The compressive strength of corrugated boxes is one of the important technical indicators for the design and processing of corrugated boxes, and is also the most important physical and mechanical performance index for corrugated carton gluing machine box performance evaluation. This index directly affects the protection of inner packaging products during the transportation and circulation of cartons. Effectiveness.

Corrugated box compressive strength mainly depends on the cardboard raw materials, processing technology, design process and circulation environment.

(I) Influence of base paper

The raw and auxiliary materials of corrugated carton are the most important factors that determine the compressive strength of corrugated cartons. They mainly include: raw paper, adhesives, and board surface processing technology. The integrated ring crush strength of the linerboard and corrugated base paper directly determines the edge pressure strength of the corrugated paperboard. The edgeboard pressure strength of the paperboard also determines the compressive strength of the corrugated box. The ringpress strength of the base paper and the weight and moisture content of the paperboard. , tightness, stiffness and other properties related.

(B) Adhesion and Adhesion Effect

The carton compressive strength depends not only on the composite ring crush strength of the paperboard, but also on the adhesive effect of the corrugated paperboard. The adhesive effect is not only the adhesive strength, but it is generally considered that in the case of no significant deformation of the corrugated shape, the adhesive The greater the strength, the better. Adhesive directly determines the adhesive effect of the paperboard. Advantages and disadvantages of the adhesive effect directly affect the paperboard edge pressure. At the same time, the adhesive properties also affect the moisture return and moisture absorption of the paperboard.

(III) Influence of Varying Types and Shapes

Different types and shapes of corrugations also have a great influence on the side pressure strength of the formed cardboard, mainly due to the different thicknesses and bearing surfaces of the different corrugated supports, and the higher the corrugated cardboard height of the same material The larger the cardboard edge pressure, the greater the pressure coefficient is, the greater the edge pressure strength of the cardboard is.

(4) Influence of Manufacturing Technology of Corrugated Cardboard (Box)

Corrugated cardboard effect. Qualified corrugated board is the basis for the production and processing of high-strength corrugated cartons. Therefore, a better high-speed multi-layer corrugated cardboard production line must be selected for the production and processing box printing machine of corrugated board, which is one of the key elements to achieve high-quality corrugated boxes.

In the process of paperboard processing, one hand precisely configures the base paper, and secondly, it controls a series of important process parameters such as the coating amount, the coating pressure, and the moisture of the adhesive in the production process.

Cardboard surface processing technology will also have a certain impact on the strength of cardboard, mainly reflected in the moisture absorption of cardboard and paperboard corrugated deformation and so on. Cardboard surface processing process is usually coated with light oil, moisture-proof agent coating, etc., so we must choose the appropriate coating method, otherwise it will easily cause deformation of corrugated, which affects the compressive strength of the carton.