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The automatic sealing is to melt the hot melt into a liquid

Update:12 Sep 2018

The automatic sealing is to melt the hot melt into a li […]

The automatic sealing is to melt the hot melt into a liquid by a hot melt machine, and then send it to the surface of the carton through the throat of the hot melt machine and the spray gun, and the hot melt adhesive is cooled to complete the bonding. box gluing machine It can meet the requirements of carton sealing and overcome the defects of the traditional carton sealing form.

Transport cartons must be able to withstand temperature, humidity changes, and rough handling, but it is difficult to meet this requirement with tape because of poor bond strength, low tensile strength, and poor adhesion to coated or oily paperboard.

The hot melt adhesive has a good bonding force with the wet material, and has strong penetrating power. At the same time, physical and chemical bonding is performed between the corrugated paper and the lining paper. The overall strength of the bonded carton is enhanced, and the carton is not easily deformed and cracked. In addition, the hot melt adhesive coating system can apply adhesive to key parts of various shapes, such as a folding cover in a carton.

Secondly, the non-dry tape is resistant to low temperature, and it is easy to open in cold weather in the north; the hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance and can withstand low temperature of -40 °C. Moreover, the hot melt adhesive has a storage period of up to 2 years, and the storage area is small, and there is no special storage requirement; while the tape storage is only valid for half a year, and requires certain storage conditions, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate.

Hot melt adhesives also provide a good anti-theft function, and any attempt to open the carton will tear the fibers as the adhesive penetrates into the corrugated. The tape can be cut with a knife, and the contents are removed unconsciously and sealed again.

Nowadays, merchants require packaging to convey products and corporate images through the design of packaging designs. Therefore, the fewer factors that hinder the appearance, the better. Tape often blocks images and interferes with the transfer of packaging information; hot melt adhesives are bonded between the flaps to provide greater display space.

The use of hot melt adhesive sealing speed is fast, the entire bonding process can be completed in only 1~3 seconds, suitable for mass production, low energy consumption and low cost. The standard corrugated box hot melt adhesive seal is about 32 yuan / 1000 boxes, which is the middle price of hot melt adhesive, and the middle price of the tape seal is about 120 yuan / 1000 cases.