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TAPPI International Forum Hits “Sino Corrugated 2013”

Update:23 Mar 2017

“Sino Corrugated 2013” will be unveiled from April 8-11 […]

“Sino Corrugated 2013” will be unveiled from April 8-11, 2013 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As is said, the organizer Reed Exhibitions will fully cooperate with Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) of America to hold TAPPI International Forum on the Sino Corrugated Exhibition site so as to provide the visitorswith best solutions concerning productivity and quality improvement of corrugated boxesand waste products reduction.


TAPPI is the worldwide leading industry association concerning pulp, papermaking and paper processing. The association was founded in 1915 and has become the largestprofessional association across the world.


In 2011, TAPPI first held TAPPIInternational Forum on the exhibition site at Sino Corrugated Exhibition. The forum was enthusiastically responded to and many Chinese senior leaders from corrugated box factories first learned the specific testing methods and practices of America concerning equipment manufacturing, production technology and business administration, etc. After the conclusion of the first TAPPI International Forum, many senior leaders from corrugated box factories said they had benefited a lot from the forum. Many practices and viewpoints discussed on the forum even stirred up new hot topics in carton box processing industry and led new development trends in China.


At this time, TAPPI will cooperate again with Reed Exhibitions to hold TAPPIInternational Forum in the course of “Sino Corrugated 2013”. This forum will last for 3 days. The technical service leader Rick Croker from Georgia Pacific and the site service representative John Bissell will act as guest speakers for the forum to provide the visitors with the explanation of “Case Study on TAPPI Best Practices Concerning Corrugated Box Manufacturing”. Mr. Croker has been engaged in the corrugated box industry for over 30 years and Mr. Bissell is specialized in the trouble removal concerning corrugated production line. Both Rick Croker and John Bissell are good speakers on the TAPPI corrugated practice forums. As they have been engaged in the corrugated industry for many years, they are very well experienced.This forum caters to the persons in charge of corrugated production line, supervisors of carton box factory, production managers, chief engineers and technical service managers, etc. who have been engaged in the corrugated industry for 1-5 years. The forum content mainly includes: explanation of the principles concerning corrugated production technology and solutions of the most common operational problems; identification of the critical characteristics of the paperboards and starch adhesives and curling control methods; description of the operation of corrugated production line; the method to control the down time and reduce it to the minimum point; the method to meet the quality requirements and achieve the maximum rate of corrugated production line, etc.


The test program and relevant conventions utilized by TAPPI in the measurement, assessment and description of pulp, paper and relevant products (including the raw materials utilized during production, such as pulp chip, etc.) are the worldly recognized international standards in the pulp and papermaking industry. Sino Corrugated Exhibition will provide the elites in the corrugated industry of China with a rich and colorful feast through TAPPI International Forum and make a more positive contribution to the development of corrugated industry of China.


Thenumber of visitors to this TAPPI International Forum will only be open to the 100 elites in the corrugated industry across the world. Chinese/English simultaneous interpretationwill be available in the whole course of the forum. The organizer of the forum warmly invites the elites in the corrugated industry to attend the forum, learning and gaining more advanced technology and management methods from the global carton box factories and sharing the most valuable industry information.