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Talk about the way of saving energy and reducing consumption of corrugated board production line

Update:15 Jun 2018

In today's society, “green environmental protection” an […]

In today's society, “green environmental protection” and “energy conservation and consumption reduction” have become global topics and have been listed by consumers as an important consideration in selecting products. For this reason, many companies have taken advantage of the trend and used various “green” elements in various forms. Used in brand marketing strategies. In fact, green environmental protection is not only a “lyric”carton production line  for corporate marketing, but it also combines the concept of green with the daily production and operation of the company to achieve a win-win situation in brand promotion and profit growth.

In recent years, green energy has also gradually entered the carton industry. Many carton production and equipment manufacturers have embarked on the green environmental protection journey, trying to reduce production costs and contribute to sustainable development. Faced with the large number of orders, small quantities, and fast delivery requirements of corrugated cartons, carton manufacturers must improve the degree of automation and production management of corrugated board production lines to improve quality, improve efficiency, save energy, save manpower, and reduce consumables. , reduce the purpose of waste products.

The cost management of corrugated board production lines is very important, reducing production costs and tile lines bear the brunt. Here we talk about the road to saving energy and reducing consumption of corrugated board production lines.

1. Establish advanced energy-saving concept of tile line

Energy-saving and environmental protection is the eternal theme of safeguarding the living environment of humankind. It is the strategic focus of the country's sustainable development. It is also the concept of the times pursued by all enterprises today. It is the top priority of the national “Twelve Five-Year Plan” seven strategies, and is the seven major The first of sustainable strategies. All walks of life face increasing constraints on resources and the environment and must enhance crisis awareness.

The majority of carton enterprises are no exception. It is necessary to establish a green and low-carbon development philosophy, focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the incentive and self-restraint mechanisms, and thoroughly implement the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection.

The concept of energy saving and environmental protection has long been prevalent in foreign countries, but it is unfamiliar to the Chinese carton industry. Bringing this advanced green environmental protection concept to the Chinese market and actively promoting it, this is what we need to focus on.

Wu Xiaohui, chief operating officer of the famous corrugator machinery manufacturing and service provider BHS Shanghai, once said: “We must first spread this concept to our customers. Once customers accept these things, they will bring this kind of demand to supply. The suppliers and suppliers bring the manufacturers again, so that they are interlocked and transmitted in layers. It is believed that those advanced concepts will gradually be adopted by the Chinese market and applied to actual production and sales."

2, reduce the rate of shutdown and waste production

Non-normal shutdown of the corrugated board production line will generate a large amount of waste products, and it will cause the production efficiency to decrease and the production cost to increase. Based on the five elements of man, machine, object, law, box gluing machine and ring, find the main reason for stoppage of tile lines, and then solve them one by one. To the tile line, in order to reduce the production cost, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable schedule of production. It is necessary to arrange the production of cartons of the same quality grade as different customers need. In order to reduce the production cost more effectively, it is also necessary to consider the factors such as the size of the carton to minimize the waste generated from the cardboard line.

In addition, a special calculation is also required for the area of the cardboard to optimize the processing area of the cardboard and reduce unnecessary waste of materials. The corrugator scheduling needs to follow the same paper, with the same width of the base paper put together, and the width from wide to narrow, so to reduce paper change, change the number of single.

To reduce the rate of downtime, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance of the tile line equipment, give full play to the performance of the equipment, and improve production efficiency is an effective measure to reduce production costs in disguise. Maintenance is carried out by operators, and equipment and management personnel supervise, especially bearing lubrication of machinery and equipment to ensure that the equipment is running well.