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Safety operation rules for gravure combination printing machine workers

Update:08 May 2018

Safety operation rules for gravure combination printing […]

Safety operation rules for gravure combination printing machine workers

Before the drive, check whether all parts are intact, whether the fastening screws are tightened reliably, and whether the movable mechanism is flexible, and add lubrication oil to each lubrication part. After checking and confirming that there is no mistake, carton gluing machine connect the power supply, and then start the airless operation. If the operation is not normal, stop the inspection immediately. If everything is normal, you can start the production.

Prepress preparation: After idling and everything is normal, install plate cylinder and squeegee on each printing unit, adjust the ink scraping mechanism, and adjust the minimum value of the pressure required for the ink knife and layout. Keep the ink knife and layout at 50-65 degrees. Angular, and then installed in the feed part of the printed substrate, and then expand the film, in turn through the printing units, wound on the receiving shaft paper tube, open the feed tension and take-up tension switch, the initial tension film, operation Press the rubber roller to press it with the plate, adjust the pressure, and add ink to each ink tank. Adjust the temperature of the oven, then start the printer at a low speed, adjust the roll-out during the material walking, feed the material, discharge the material, unwind the tension, make the tension suitable, and synchronize with the printing speed.

Boot adjustment:

1) Use a low speed trial printing, adjust the compensation roller to align the plate cylinder with the registration mark of the printed product (Mark line), align the left and right crosshairs manually, adjust to the correct color, select the appropriate waveform, open the automatic color registration system.

2) Adjust the air pressure, adjust the tension and pressure of each impression cylinder, reach the pressure equalization at both ends, make the ink fully transferred on the film to obtain a clear pattern.

3) Adjust the squeegee mechanism, adjust the angle of the ink knife through the adjustment frame, adjust the pressure of the air pressure to make the pressure of the squeegee and the plate roller appropriate, improve the squeegee effect, make the blank part of the pattern clean without leaving ink, and the squeegee pressure should be as far as possible during work. Drop to the minimum necessary to reduce excessive blade wear. After the printing is completed, the ink blade should leave the platen roll and wipe it clean.

4) Properly adjust the tension system of the feeding mechanism and the discharging mechanism so that the tension is moderate. If the tension is too large, the film may be deformed too much, which may affect the pattern distortion and color registration. After being fully adjusted to achieve normality, the printing speed can be slowly increased to normal.

Maintenance and maintenance: Before starting the machine, box printing machine it is necessary to fully inspect the conditions and operability and flexibility of various parts of the machine. Lubricating grease must be added to each lubrication part. During the operation of the machine, each running part should be inspected frequently, such as bearings and other temperature noise and vibration. In case of abnormal conditions, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection. After the problem is solved, it can be turned on. After shutting down from work, it is necessary to immediately switch off the power supply, clean the machine, lower the ink fountain, loosen the pressure roller to exit the ink knife, and scrub the plate roller and the ink knife with the cleaning agent, and add oil at each lubrication point.