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Many people who have learned about the hot melt machine

Update:25 Jul 2018

Many people who have learned about the hot melt machine […]

Many people who have learned about the hot melt machine industry for the first time can't tell the difference between the hot melt machine, the glue machine and the glue machine. They even think it is the same name. Today, let's take a look at the hot melt machine and the top. The difference between glue machines,

    In fact, in addition to the hot melt adhesive machine, carton gluing machine the packaging industry, the construction industry, the automotive industry, etc., the glue machine is also an auxiliary equipment for packaging production, and also a mechanical equipment belonging to the melt glue application equipment. Although the most used ones are still hot melt glue machines and glue spray machines, the glue machine is also useful in packaging wallpapers and the like.

    The hot melt glue machine is an automatic application equipment for hot melt glue spray, scraping, rolling, glue coating and glue injection. Widely used in household products, automotive industry, air filter, non-woven composite, footwear, printing, electronic product assembly, clothing, dry stickers, packaging industry, book binding and other industries. By adding a hot melt glue to the melt tank, the glue is heated in the melting tank to heat the hose and the coating device. Start the pressurizing device to transfer the glue and then start the coating device to spray according to the process requirements. The gluing machine is one of the auxiliary equipments for the production of cardboard boxes, leather goods and shoes. According to the different uses, it is divided into zipper gluing machine, automatic carton gluing machine, white glue gluing machine and so on. The gluing machine passes through the hot melt glue in the glue storage tank and rotates through the roller. The material of the gluing machine needs to pass through the roller, and the hot melt glue on the roller is naturally and evenly applied to the material to be bonded, and the gluing work is completed during the laminating process.

    In short, the hot melt machine can spray glue, scrape glue, roll glue, glue, glue, and the glue machine focuses on the glue. If you have any questions, please contact us, Nuo Sheng - specializes in hot melt adhesive spraying And industrial automation equipment manufacturing and R&D