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In recent years, the labor cost of labor-intensive packaging plants

Update:07 Dec 2018

In recent years, the labor cost of labor-intensive pack […]

In recent years, the labor cost of labor-intensive packaging plants has risen sharply. Even in the area of Guangdong in southern China, there has been a serious labor shortage. In order to save labor, the use of automated corrugated cardboard processing equipment has undoubtedly become the first choice for many carton factories.

Since the rear channel is the key to the processing of carton, it is directly related to whether the corrugated carton indicators meet the standards and affect the quality of corrugated boxes. The appearance requirements of corrugated boxes, such as size, nail box joints and printing, have become the main items in the corrugated box production process, which is very important in the quality inspection of corrugated boxes.

To improve the quality of the carton in an all-round way, it is not only necessary to improve the quality of the prefabricated board, but also the processing of the box in the back is very important. Therefore, how to purchase the automated carton back processing equipment has become the focus of many carton factories and printing and packaging factories.

The basic principle of the purchase of carton rear processing equipment - automation

When many carton factories choose the processing equipment of the carton, they will comprehensively consider the size, quality requirements, processing speed requirements and economic strength of the carton to be processed, and arrange and strengthen the related business according to the business volume of the carton. Processing equipment, and to fully consider the convenience and flexibility of the process connection between equipment. The basic principle is automation and high efficiency.