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Hand-on glue machine is relatively small

Update:12 Jul 2018

Hand-on glue machine is relatively small, the glue tank […]

Hand-on glue machine is relatively small, the glue tank is small, the glue tank is filled with glue can only brush 1 roll and a half of the wallpaper, the glued wallpaper needs to be stacked up, relatively slow, if the machine is used When you want to measure the length of the wallpaper, you need to add an additional glue table (300 tables or so, a lot of Taobao, if you put on the table, there is no advantage in the price of the hand-drawn machine, box gluing machine because the hand-cranked machine is also 1000+,) Another hand-drawn machine because of the subjective feeling of the handcuffs is part of it, so after adjusting the thickness of the glue, the angle of the hand is not the same, the thickness of the glue is not the same, if you don’t live too much, you can buy one. The advantage is that the price is cheap (without a table).
Hand-cranked glue machine glue tank is bigger than the plastic tank of hand-drawn machine. Generally, it can brush 3-4 volumes of wallpaper with hand-shake. (This is related to wallpaper material, like non-woven paper glue, so a groove can be used. More brush. Another: the glue used in the hand machine needs to be slightly thicker) and the wall paper is driven by the rotating handle to drive the rubber roller to take out the paper. The transmission ratio is large, so the speed is brushed, and because of the hand crank The machine relies on the paper bar to evenly press the wallpaper, so adjust the thickness of the glue, as long as there is glue in the glue tank, Carton printing machine the glue can be glued, the glue is very uniform. The hand-cranked machine also has a counter mounted on it, which can directly measure the length of the wallpaper during the process of brushing. The hand-cranked machine is more convenient to carry than the hand-drawn machine. When the machine is carried with a portable pole, the machine is taken away. In general: it is efficient! ! ! To say the shortcoming, that is: the price of the hand-cranked machine is above 1000+, and the price is a little more expensive than the hand-drawn one.