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Do you know the production process of carton color box?

Update:19 Oct 2018

Do you know the production process of carton color box? […]

Do you know the production process of carton color box?

In today's society, due to the rapid development of e-commerce, it has promoted the exchanges and exchanges between various industries, especially the development of agricultural products e-commerce has become a social hotspot. It has a huge role in promoting the standardization of agricultural production and enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural products market.

Agricultural products reach all parts of the country through e-commerce, Carton printing machine and among them, the most important layer of protective cover - carton. Looks like a colorful, different sizes of boxes, but it carries the efforts of the business, reflecting the quality of the courier service, including the full expectations of consumption.

In order to allow more packaging companies to produce high-quality, brightly colored cartons, so that more businesses and consumers understand the carton production process, Xi'an Zhengyuan Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. to share the production process of its corporate carton box:

This stage is mainly coordinated by the purchaser of the package and the designer and the printing factory. Firstly, the purchaser designs the package and print documents according to the requirements of the purchaser and the internal designer, and completes the packaging materials at the same time. Selected.

We passed the design documents to our printing house, and our printing company and Film Company made the film.

After our printer got the film, it was determined by the size of the film, the thickness of the paper, and the color of the print.

The making of the die must be determined according to the sample and the printed semi-finished products. A good die determines the appearance of the color box. The pit is mainly used on the pit box. According to your requirements, the pit paper is glued together with special machinery. .