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Corrugated boxes used for transport packaging appeared in the United State

Update:01 Feb 2019

Corrugated boxes used for transport packaging appeared […]

Corrugated boxes used for transport packaging appeared in the United States in 1907. During the First World War, wooden boxes shipped 80% of the packaging and corrugated boxes only accounted for 20%. By the end of the Second World War, corrugated boxes had accounted for 80%, becoming the most important transport packaging container. In 2006, the total value of China's packaging industry was about 350 billion yuan, and paper products accounted for 59%.

Carton making methods, steps!

The first step is to purchase raw paper and corrugated paper. The carton is made of cardboard. Everyone knows, then everyone knows how cardboard is made? Put the base paper and corrugated paper together. Some factories have strong production capacity, and they can also directly purchase wood to produce their own raw paper, which is the kind of large kraft paper roll. The general carton factory is a carton made directly from the foreign purchase of cardboard, and the secondary carton factory processes the cardboard itself to save costs.

The second step is to make cardboard as required. The base paper also has good and bad points, and the weight is not the same. Corrugated paper is also divided into A, B, C, and three. Corrugated paper refers to the paper in the middle of the kraft paper like a wave of paper, with corrugated high and low. At the same time, the carton has three layers and five layers. The third layer refers to a layer of corrugated paper, and the fifth layer refers to a layer of corrugated paper.

The third step, the drawing paper, first makes a rubber template according to the drawings. Cartons generally have printing requirements, so it is necessary to have drawing papers, and the drawings should indicate the color and customer requirements. Then the cabinet staff made the rubber version as required. Generally, ink printing is relatively simple, and the font and color are not as complicated as offset printing. This rubber version is very important and is a must for printing.

The fourth step, prepare the ink and debug the machine, you can start printing on the machine. Put the stencil on the machine, the size of the length and width is confirmed, first look at the effect, one is to see if the size is correct, the other is to see if the printing effect is satisfactory.

The fifth step is also a very important step, carton molding. That is, the worker binds the carton or nails the carton, and the carton is formed. The reason why more than 2-3 cm was left in the past is the key to carton molding. If it is glued, it can't be used when it is glued. It can't be played less. It is easy to stick the surface of other cartons. If it is less, it will not stick.