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China Carton Packaging Machinery and Equipment Development Trend

Update:15 May 2018

China Carton Packaging Machinery and Equipment Developm […]

China Carton Packaging Machinery and Equipment Development Trend

At present, China's corrugated-paper-box packaging equipment has a domestic market box gluing machine share of approximately 90%, and its market share in Asia is approximately 28%, while its market share outside Asia is only 8%. This indicates that domestic corrugated-cardboard packaging equipment The top priority for suppliers is to actively explore overseas emerging markets and diversify their export markets.

    The developed areas of China's carton packaging are concentrated in coastal provinces and cities; the level of carton packaging on behalf of China is in the southern part of Guangdong. The center of gravity of China's carton machinery is moving from north to south.

    China's carton packaging industry has shifted from vicious competition to benign development: from the low to medium level to the advanced level; from the domestic level to the international level.

    Although China's paper packaging companies in the 1990s were in a period of rapid development, they were generally small and medium enterprises. There are few large enterprises, and it is the world of SMEs. For SMEs to upgrade, the competition between enterprises and the market positioning of enterprises, after seven battles, it is basically a foregone conclusion: large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises have clear lines of latitude and longitude.

    Before and after entering the new century, carton packaging companies in the Yangtze River Delta region basically completed the professional division of labor and reached the level of Guangdong. The large-scale corrugated production lines of large companies process cardboard to small factories, and small factories use high-quality cardboard to process cartons for users, thus forming a new era in which large companies and small businesses are mutually dependent on each other.Carton printing machine  The current market competition is the competition among large enterprises, the high level of competition, and the nature of competition, which will prompt the entire industry to develop toward higher levels. As the advanced productivity of carton packaging equipment, on behalf of the level of the 90's is a single-sided machine and low-grade corrugated production line. In the new century, in the areas where carton packaging is developed, large enterprises have already undergone technological transformation, eliminated old equipment, and replaced high-end and fast production lines.

    Corrugated paperboard production lines and printing slotting machines were basically domestically produced in the past and imported very little. With the development of WT0, foreign packaging machinery will fiercely challenge domestic packaging machinery, and carton packaging companies will increasingly favor high technology. Challenges and counter-challenge will make Chinese packaging companies move toward international standards