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Carton customers often hear this type of message

Update:06 Sep 2018

Carton customers often hear this type of message, “Do n […]

Carton customers often hear this type of message, “Do not recommend large-area printing” or “Can't do large-area printing”. Why?

First, large-area printing will increase production costs. First, the amount of printing plate and ink will increase, which directly increases production costs. Second, the scrap rate will increase, indirectly increasing costs.

Secondly, the requirements for paperboard are relatively high, and the raw material level of the paperboard factory is different, which causes the cardboard to be transparent, hard and soft, which will affect the printing of the cardboard. box printing machine Then choose a better cardboard? This I understand, cardboard is affected by the weather and humidity, the amount of glue is more or less affected, there will be unevenness of the cardboard, and a slight unevenness, the cardboard factory is not returned.

Third, the requirements for the printing press are strict. In this way, the printing machinery of a general carton factory is about 200,000. It takes about 8 million to print a large-area printing machine that can make a good effect.

 So if there is a large area printing, there is no way?

Choosing a carton factory with a cardboard line can directly interfere with the production of cardboard. Of course, such a unit has a binding requirement. Like SF is the way to go.

So if the amount is not that big?

That can only choose offset printing, because offset printing is to print the pattern on a piece of paper first, and put the paper on the corrugated, thus avoiding the influence of corrugation on printing. Of course this will increase the price of the carton.

If the watermark is printed directly on the paper, can't it be done on the tiling?

In theory, the past is said, but it is still a problem of watermarking machinery. The general watermarking machine cannot be printed on paper, and the paper is too thin.