As a company, we should adhere to the guidelines first, that is, assume responsibility for the community, create benefits for users, provide benefits for staffs. In this aspect, Jinchang has been widely recognized by the community. Our company always adhere to the road of electromechanical, at the same time, we are the first one in the industry to replace mechanical drive with servo technology. Our flexible control technology has always maintained a leading position in the industry.

In order to improve the working environment for the packaging enterprises in a comprehensive way, our company uses automation and integration to decrease staffs for the user. Linkage line can achieve printing, molding, sticky box, packing completed at once, which let the machine replace the human operation, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

The application of double-sided printing new technology allow the printing work to be completed once inside the cardboard table, which solves two printing confusion in IT industry electrostatic treatment, electrical assembly instructions, toys and puzzle display. The application of built-in solution in product information display solves the difficulty of re-packing in courier industry and other industries. At the same time, it can prevent the leakage of consumer product information.

In the plastic flexo printing, we positively response to national environmental policy, unremittingly increase investment in research and development, and become the industry leader in the development and practice of high-definition water-based printing. At present, high-definition water-based printing expanded from the field of food, alcohol and other fast food products to the field of building materials, home appliances industry, so that more carton packaging can achieve green production.

Entrepreneurs should adhere to the principle of moral bottom line and persevere in learning!